This can grow into one gorgeous, quirky specimen within a couple of years if you start with a small one. It has glossy leaves, is easy to care for and looks the goods amongst your other green foliaged plants. It can become as tall as you like, but easy to tame with a prune. There are lots of colour variations now - ruby, tienke, shivereana, green, abidjan and burgandy. 


Ficus Elastica

A well lit spot with some indirect sun. The green and burgandy types can tolarate a little more shade, but the varigated varieties like it REALLY bright. Without enough light it will become spindly and the leaves will go dull.

Take it outside, put it in the shower or sit in a bucket and give it a really good water. Then let it dry. Water more frequently in summer (once a week usually). It doesn't like to sit with wet feet but loves a good drink then have a break to dry out before the next one.

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